Please contact us for pricing on all doelings, bucklings and wethers (castrated males). Pricing includes registration papers and vaccinations.

There are others that will sell for less but not all farms invest  in the expense of vaccinating, parasite testing and disease testing every 18 months for life threatening CL, CAE & Johnes on every adult animal in the herd. Cl, CAE & Johnes tests cost on average $100 per animal. The old saying “you get what you pay for” rings true at our farm.



We require a non-refundable $100 deposit to hold your choice of kid(s). If your deposit is not received within the (7) days of choosing your kid(s), he/she/they will go back up for sale. Before putting a deposit down please make sure you chose the right animal for you!

If you back out of the sale or fail to pick up your kid(s) on the agreed upon date, without making other arrangements, the $100 deposit will not be refunded. Your deposit will be returned if the animal becomes sick within our care.


Kid(s) will not be separated from their mother until 12-14 weeks or age to ensure that babies are eating well on their own and mom milk supply is drying up slowly. Please make arrangements to pickup your kid(s) within 10 days of being informed that your new baby/ies is/are ready to go. Failing to do so will result in your $100 deposit not refunded and your kid(s) going back up for sale,

At this time our older animals are not available for sale.

Payment Methods

We accept either cash or e-transfers as payment.

Farm Policies

The sale of ALL of our animals are for either pets or breeding stock. NO SALES will be made for food consumption.

All bucklings can be wethered.

We DO NOT do any disbudding prior to animals being sold. Removing horns can be fatal if not done correctly. Horns have large veins for blood supply and act as an “air conditioning system” for the animal. Also, animals without horns tend to drop to the bottom of the “social ladder” in a herd and can be picked on by other members.

All animals will have had their initial and booster vaccines upon leaving our premises. Also, fecal tests are performed and if necessary treatment for heavy parasite loads is done.

Our farm is considered a “closed” herd meaning that we DO NOT allow any other livestock to enter that has not been tested negatively for diseases such as CAE, CL and Johnes. We also practice bio-security measures to ensure that we control the risk of disease transfer.

ALL of our animals are handled daily so they maybe quite friendly with strangers given some time!

All animals sold will include in their package a “Health Record” sheet that outlines everything that has happened to them this far, an info sheet on web sites and resources about goats as well as some creep feed (baby food), hay and loose mineral to make their transition to their new home easier on their tummies.

Their new owner is free to choose their new name . Once the new name is chosen we will register them with the International Fainting Goat Association (IFGA) that registers fainters across the U.S.A. and Canada. We will mail the certificates to you as soon as they are processed.

Helmcrest Wooden Legs reserves the right to refuse or cancel the sale of any animals for any reason. It is important to us to know that our kid(s) are going to great homes and will be well looked after. Your deposit will be returned in full in this situation.

Goats are a very herd bound social animals. We will not sell a single animal unless you have other goats preferably around the sale age as you new Helmcrest Wooden Legs baby.

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