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International Fainting Goat Association (IFGA)

International Fainting Goat Association (IFGA)

Myotonic Goat Registry

Myotonic Goat Registry

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We are situated in beautiful North Dundas just outside of Chesterville, ON about 45 minutes south of Ottawa, ON. We have a 100 acre farm and purchased our  first Fainting goat, Twilight,  from Flevohill Acres as a Father's Day present for my husband in 2011.   After selling our family run dairy farm, which was in the family for over 60 years,  we decided to get right back into another form of herd. We purchased (5) more does and (3) bucks in 2017. 

Thanks to some excellent breeding choices and the  keen eye of Flevohill Acres we have been able to acquire some of the oldest and best known blood lines in the Fainting world such as Wells, Coyote Creek, Bending Tree Ranch, Onion Creek Ranch etc. We would like to thank Nathalie & Wim Keurentjes-Joly from Flevohill for all the advice and support over the years. Nathalie has been a fantastic mentor for us and without her we would never have pursue this dream! THANKS FLEVOHILL for everything.

I traveled to Austin, Texas in Oct 2018 for a (4) day course on a working ranch owned by Suzanne Gasparotto and co-hosted with Pat Cotten of Bending Tree Ranch. These two are amazing ladies! If you ever needed to know about myotonics these two will have an answer. Suzanne has written a pile of articles on just about every aspect of goats imaginable. Should you ever get a chance to attend this course it is well worth the trip!!! Check out www.tennesseemeatgoats.com and www.bendingtreeranch.com.



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Our herd is tested for cl-cae-johnes every 18 months

This is a closed herd. We vaccinate  everyone with annually and do random test  for parasites and worms and treat when appropriate.  Our babies will have had their first vaccines prior to leaving our farm.

CAE, CL and Johnes are devastating diseases that can be highly contagious and threaten the health of the entire herd. We take these diseases extremely seriously!