About us

Entrance to our main barn.

Entrance to our main barn.


It all started when…

We have always had horses, goats, chickens, dogs & cats on our hobby farm. After we sold our dairy farm in 2011 we decided to focus on preserving the myotonic goat bred.  We built a new barn in July of 2017 and purchased 3 pure bred fainting goat bucks and 6 pure bred does.  All of our animals are vaccinated , tested for CL, CAE & Johnes every 18 months and periodically tested and wormed. This is a closed herd.

Our plan is to start breeding in Nov 2018 and with any luck have a few kids for sale in April 2019.





THe “Guard-All-food” dog




…I Love Everyone!

Cy at barn at dusk.jpg

Cy keeping watch


The Boss!

Pigeon…ruler of all!

Bella 3.JPG

Bell the boss……

Night sky back of farm.jpg

Back of the farm at dusk……